The History Bug Strikes

I grew up in the Montclair District in Oakland. I moved there in early 1972 after my Mom remarried. We moved into a four-story home that my step-father had built pretty much by himself.


My family lived there until 2001, when our home was sold. I went to Thornhill Elementary School and Montera Junior High, both local schools and then Skyline High School.

In the 1983 my ex-husband and I were hired by the Montclair Presbyterian Church (where I went as young child) as custodians. We moved into the house the church owned next to the Sanctuary. It was at church I started to get the history bug. I found out that the church had celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 1980. I was amazed that the church had been there so long, the same as the house we lived in which was built in about 1927. In about 1985 or so I went on the Fernwood Walking Tour put on by the Oakland Heritage Alliance and from that point on, I was on a mission to find out more about the history of Montclair and Oakland.


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