More Oakland Tribune Covers

I keep on finding more cover pages to the Oakland Tribune special sections.  I really love the detail and artistic flair. Oakland Tribune Year Book  Fashion Section  The Rest


The Rabbit Hole

I started this blog because I have collected so much information on the history of Oakland that I couldn't wait to share.  Posting in Facebook groups really isn't the best outlet for me.  I love sharing what I know and reading what others share.  But things get lost on Facebook. So with the help of my … Continue reading The Rabbit Hole

Montclair is…

The birth of Montclair The 1920s were economic boom years in the United States as a whole, and in California in particular.  Economic growth was fueled by the general post–World War I recovery, as well as oil discoveries in Los Angeles and, most notably, the widespread introduction of the automobile. Oakland expanded during the 1920s, … Continue reading Montclair is…