Merriewood is a section or neighborhood of Montclair District of Oakland.   The Realty Syndicate were the exclusive agents selling the tract.  It first went on sale in 1924. Oakland Tribune stated that there was no other tract in Oakland can offer such a "combination of magnificent view and a comfortable home"   The ad went on … Continue reading Merriewood

Montclair Highlands – Top of the World

Montclair Highlands was one the earlier subdivisions in Montclair.  Located in the hills back of Piedmont and just above Montclair's Business district or the "Townsite" as locals called it in 1925. "Montclair Business Center as the name indicates is the tract opened as a community trading district".   Oakland Tribune May 17, 1925 "Montclair Highlands is separated … Continue reading Montclair Highlands – Top of the World